Deb & Rowan’s Wedding

Deb & Rowan’s Wedding

Rowan and Debbie met at the then GUNSTON 500 where he was the Official MC and she was a promoter girl.  After a short 10 years of dating,  they were in Cape Town for Debs’ birthday and the night prior, Rowan had planned a surprise trip on the Cape Wheel. He had booked a VIP car with Champagne in a nice romantic setting.

After getting his bearings, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES!!

Having done a friends wedding a while before with Deb and Rowan there, Deb had mentioned that IF they ever get married I am doing their wedding, so not long after the romantic proposal I got the phone call.  ‘DEB I NEED YOU!’  From that moment on the Fairytale Wedding Planning began…

She had always wanted a Forest ceremony and Deb found the perfect venue at Haycroft Farm.

From each and every detail we worked together on the wedding of their dreams, I can honestly say that I love all my brides, but this girl has a very special place in my heart.  The planning of a wedding should not be a stressful one, it should be fun and enjoyable with loads of ideas thrown about until such time as you realise that you have found what you are wanting, kinda like your Husband or Dress !!!

The amazing images below are courtesty of and capture all the details that we spent hours perfecting for this incredible couple !



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